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Eye-/facewash 3866

Product information
Each individual spray head has built-in flow control and filter. The placement of the spray heads gives both eyes and face washing. Operated by a push plate, stay-open ball valve. The eye/facewash is self-draining. Complete with lid and collecting bowl in powder-coated stainless steel, other parts of chrome-plated brass. Designed for minimum flow of 28 l/min at 2.4 bar pressure.

  • Dimensions & Weights
  • Width: 400 mm
    Height: 205 mm
    Depth: 353 mm

    Weight: 3 kg
  • Specification
  • Wall Model.
    RSK 8213866
    Collecting bowl and dust cover
    Flow rate: ca 28 l/min
    Water supply: 1/2" female
    Drain: 1 1/4" female
  • Others
  • A luminous emergency sign is enclosed with each Eye-/facewash.

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Installation steps

1. Correct location of a safety shower

2. Amount of water in a safety shower

3. Tempered water

4. Safety at pressure fall in the water supply

5. Reduced pressure

6. Adapt material in the shower to the right environment

7. Valve